About Two Rivers

With exceptional hands-on services, our team works closely with independent publishers to build innovative sales and distribution strategies that move more books worldwide.

By focusing on your unique needs—now and in the future—we customize long-term solutions that yield high returns.

How we elevate your potential

Amidst the increasing complexities of independent publishing, we believe your success is unlimited. That enterprising conviction, along with unmatched sales support, has helped us become a top ten publishing solutions provider.

A History of Two Rivers

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About Ingram

Ingram Content Group is driven by a commitment to serve all segments of the book and content industry, empowering a stronger, more connected reading world.

Every day, all over the world, people are reading, writing, and learning—expressing dreams, desires, and histories. Storytelling is a timeless tradition and Ingram is pleased to be part of it in so many ways.

Technologies evolve, genres change, but the love of reading persists. Whether people learn through textbooks or digital materials, or prefer the convenience of a tablet to the artistry of a printed book, that passion still remains. Through the combination of Two Rivers vastly experienced sales and support team and Ingram’s logistical expertise, together we face the challenges of an evolving world and together we help keep that world reading.

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